Last Movember, I started #TacheTalk, a blog speaking to different men about their lives, health and happiness. Here’s the fourth and final of part of my catch-up with 26(ish) of the original 30 guys finding out what’s changed and challenged them over the last year.



When he moved back to Australia, Boaz started both a long-distance teaching degree and a business. ‘It’s been challenging moving from a busy office in London to learning and working alone from home most days. But I’ve had amazing support from people both professionally and personally, especially my brother and Jasmin, my business partner and wife.’

‘Our online florists Chivalry & Delivery is growing much slower than I’d like. We don’t yet have enough orders to make it sustainable in the long-term. It feels like we’ve got many other things right, and we’re constantly getting great feedback, but honestly I don’t know which way it will go.’

That business experience is central in Boaz’s clear hopes for the next year: ‘Start a family. A context of community for my work. A growing a profitable business, or not at all. A better sense of the role of teaching and the direction I’d like to take it.’




Charlie has changed jobs twice this year. Now he’s a branch manager for a wholesaler, opening a new Essex store in 2017. ‘It’s keeping me busy and sometimes I’m up working til 2am. But I’m looking forward to what’s ahead. It’ll be rewarding and worthwhile when we’re open.’

‘I’m inspired by winning, whether that’s securing a sales deal or having a good day. I get a good feeling from it in general, like Charlie Sheen.’ He hopes to move out of home and in with a friend by March, but hasn’t got any plans to be ‘wifed off’.




After June’s EU referendum, freelance designer Tom lost a key client in France. ‘This was a major blow to me, as I’d already done lots of fun and exciting projects through them. It’s forced me to look further afield and find work closer to home.’

‘I’ve recently started design work on a local business app which is a new and challenging project for me. The key to success in something that is new is finding time to learn, being patient even if it means failing and most importantly the will to collaborate.’

‘I’m inspired by fellow designers. You can draw on so much when working together as a team to drive a project forward to new heights. Seeing a connection between two or three people come together and produce something is very satisfying. I never stop questioning a project, which allows me to continue to develop and push boundaries.’



Me, Joey

My work friend Ben lead a #TacheTalk with me last December. Last week he passed out from his Navy training and in September followed my lead to be an Attitude magazine Real Bodies model.

Like last Christmas, I know I need to look for a new job and know I can’t stay at home. I continually struggle to feel I’m worth enough, which is an easy feeling to have when you’re doing a part-time maternity cover role.

This year I’ve been inspired by unapologetic people who proudly use their voice and put themselves out there in every way. For three months I saw an LGBT-specific counsellor, who helped me give myself permission to strip back other people’s expectations and control more of my life. Even though my context looks very similar right now to last year, I have changed. I’ve found what I want to blog about and started doing it, ran a 10k, dated someone, been on my first holiday with friends and put myself in new LGBT spaces.

And if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll already know what my needs for 2017 are: a permanent job, a new home and a boyfriend.

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