Last Movember, I started #TacheTalk, a blog speaking to different men about their lives, health and happiness. This year I’ve interviewed more men (which you’ll be able to read about on here very soon) but I was also keen to keep the old conversations going. Here’s the first part of my catch-up with the original thirty guys, finding out what’s changed and challenged them over the last year.



James has switched job from Store Manager in a busy London running shop to lifeguard at the local swimming pool. ‘It’s been challenging changing career but knowing I make my family proud has got me through!’ His now has three children and recently started a new relationship.




Ben’s lost his beard, become a ‘part-time monk’ in the Community of St Anselm, and ran faster than ever before. He’s also written an excellent resource at The Children’s Society, helping youth leaders tackle sensitive issues including mental health and safe relationships.

‘I’m challenged by how self orientated I am. Being single can be a challenge, although committing to being single whilst being a part time monk definitely helps. But there are still times you can feel lonely and lacking that person you can go to, talk to, hang out with.’

‘Thoughts, ideas and experiences that make me think about the world differently are what I relish and seek out. It helps me realise how incredible the world we live in is. Just think about how much human collaboration it takes to drink your cup of tea.’

The Community of St Anselm has a strong focus on listening to God and a disciplined prayer life. ‘This time next year, I hope I’m able to pray for three minutes without getting distracted and able to listen to God for one minute without getting distracted!’

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Just after our talk last year, Max travelled around Asia for a couple of months. Now he’s focused on his new career at an international company. He’s still at Craven Cottage supporting Fulham most weekends.




‘Since our chat, I became fed up with my old job, went back to a mental health professional, got a new job and got engaged. So not much, a quiet year really. I’ve been challenged by my mental health and encouraged by my friends, family and the new sense of calling that I now have as a Youth Worker.’




Dorian moved from London back to America and in August, he got married. Congratulations Dorian! ‘Obviously, moving, especially to a new country, is a big challenge. It’s the seventh big move I’ve made, and the second time across an ocean to a new country, so I like to think that I’m getting good at it.’

‘An incredibly important part of moving is framing it right in your mind. Even when I had to move back in with my parents a few years ago I was sure seek out new friends and activities to make it feel like a step forward. Thankfully here my wife’s friends have been very welcoming, I’ve been able to meet new people as well, and I’m working on a new hobby, disc golf!




Joe graduated in the Summer and moved from Cardiff to Canterbury to start work as a chiropractor. ‘I’m in the ‘beginner’ phase of my career and within a year I’d love to feel like I’m refining my skills and perfecting my craft. Right now, I’m to trying to put it all together!’




Over the last year, Kristian has performed in a Christmas show in Lichfield and a UK tour of The Railway Children. He’s lived in Dubai since August, working as a cast member at a brand new theme park.

‘The most challenging thing this year has actually been deciding whether to accept the jobs or not. The last two jobs had many pros and cons to them and by really looking at those pros and cons it helped me to make the right decision.’

‘I hope this year I can carry on up my career ladder and keep being paid for what I love and what I have trained to do. The performance industry is a very inconsistent one. You could be working one week earning lots of money and then the week after have to work numerous jobs to pay the London rent.’

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