The Importance of Exercise Scheduling

Nathan, our fitness expert, knows we all need to make a little time to exercise.

It is far too easy in our modern lives to say we’ll do things ‘when we’re free’. But in reality, how many of us really have any free time anymore? Almost all of it is now filled with scrolling down streams of social media timelines or staring mindlessly at a television. I wonder how many hours we all spend a week indulging in this grossly, on the most part, completely unrewarding and wasteful use of our ‘free time’. Wouldn’t it be far more rewarding to fill more of our free time with something that was going to make us look and feel better?

The problem is it requires effort, and when it comes down to it, even the best of us with all good intentions aside, succumb to the easier option. Scheduling when you exercise is crucial for making sure you do it. Start small. Why not book out 15mins every other day in the diary to take a brisk walk, book into your local Pilates class, build up to those daily epic gym sessions?

Once booked they must be carried out. Before long they will become habit, a non-negotiable essential part of your week just like they should be! Life is short and time is precious. Let’s waste less of it and invest more of it into our health, both mental and physical. I promise you, you won’t regret it. The happier, fitter and healthier future you will thank you and me later.

Nathan is a Personal Trainer in Essex sponsored by MyProtein. You can follow him for more easy health tips on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.